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Replacement 3 Micron Fuel Filter/Water Seperator P553207


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Donaldson Fuel Filter (1-14 Thread Pitch) used on the Auxiliary Filter Kit.  It 99% efficient at 3 microns and flows 100 GPH.  It features a built-in water drain.   The P569758 Clear Bowl can be added for those who wish to visually see if there is any water prior to opening the drain.  Filter is 8 5/8″ long including drain.  With the Clear Bowl installed it is exactly the same length as the CAT 1R-0749.

Donaldson’s third generation of Synteq fuel filter water separator media uses both cellulose and meltblown synthetic layers to achieve the highest levels of fuel filtration performance. This double-layered media increases particulate holding capacity and is a high performance water separator. It has the ability for high efficiency emulsified water separation and can be used in both suction and pressure sides of fuel systems. The polyester layer improves water separation and dirt holding capacity performance. This media is ideal for critical applications or extended service intervals.

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