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Uber Fuel Filter Kit – Passat, Jetta, Golf Common Rail 2010+


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Fits 2010-Current Volkswagen Passat, Jetta, Golf TDI

This is a complete kit consisting of the filter head, mounting bracket, banjo fittings, clamps, nuts, washers, bolts, o-ring, and stainless steel filter wrench. The installation is straight-forward and can be accomplished by the average person with basic mechanic skills. The bracket is CNC cut from one piece steel and the filter head is machined from billet aluminum and anodized in a black, red, or blue finish.  The kit is designed to use the 1-micron filter but will also work with the CAT 1R-0750 2-micron element if a more reasonably priced filter is desired.  If a filter with a water drain is desired we also offer the Donaldson P553203. You can select your choice of filter at the bottom or select “none” if you want to provide your own filter.

For an additional charge the kit is available with 4 of the standard 8mm barb fittings to give you an extra port for a pressure gauge.  It is also available with anodized -6AN fittings instead of the standard 8mm barb fittings for those customers running larger fuel lines.

Here is an Excellent Article From Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (Part 1) and The Conclusion (Part 2) detailing the importance of high-quality fuel filtration in diesel engines.  It is worth reading!

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Filter Options – Will work with both the 1-micron 100% synthetic filter as well as the CAT 1R-0750 filter
  • Anodized Billet Aluminum Filter Head Available in 3 Colors
  • Raised Boss Surface on Filter Head to Provide Additional Clearance for Fuel Lines
  • One-Piece CNC Cut Steel Filter Bracket
  • Filter Securely Attached with Stainless Steel Clamps
  • Eliminates the Problematic Thermostatic Tee Fitting on the OEM Filter
  • Includes Fittings to OEM lines for Hassle-Free Installation
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps Won’t Rust
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts & Hardware
  • Folded Crush Washers for a Better Seal on Banjo Fittings vs. Regular Flat Copper Washers
  • High-Flow Filter Head Can be Used with Optional -6AN Fittings for Those Running Larger Fuel Lines
  • Optional 3rd Banjo Fitting for Fuel Pressure/Vacuum Gauge Connection
  • Helps Prolong Injector Pump, Injector, and Fuel System Life
  • Bio-Diesel B100 & Veggie Oil Compatible
  • 1-Micron Filter Has no Internal Paper Material to Swell in Cold Temperature for Those Using Biodiesel and Veggie Oil
  • Includes Filter Wrench to Facilitate Easy Removal of Banjo Fittings and Filter Element
  • Easy to Revert Back to Stock (no cutting of OEM parts required)
  • Proven Track Record of Success – Air Leaks/No Starts are not a problem!
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

The Heart of the Uber Fuel Filter Kit – The One-Micron 100% Synthetic Microglass Filter Element



All fuel filters currently available are cellulose medium.  Even the highest quality cellulose filters provide only marginal filtration when compared with a full microglass element.  Additionally, cellulose filter elements are adversely affected by sub-freezing ambient temperatures.  This is not the case with a full microglass element.  It is not affected in any way by cold temperatures.  Couple that with the fact that the best cellulose-blend filters are 2-micron and this 1-micron filter is a huge step in the evolution of filtering diesel fuel.



Enter the 1 Micron Nicktane Extreme-Duty 100% microglass element!



The filter element was developed using technology developed for the aerospace industry.  One of the problems associated with a pure microglass element is that the glass medium can be delicate.  When microglass is exposed to varying flow rates, the microglass can rupture at the points where the microglass is required to make sharp bends within the stainless steel support structure. When you have flown on an airliner and heard the landing gear “clunk up” in place, the hydraulic system was just exposed to a tremendous stress.  This sort of stress would destroy the normal microglass filter element. Not the Nicktane Extreme-Duty.  It can take this sort of stress in stride, again and again.



The Nicktane Extreme-Duty filter is manufactured using a proprietary technique which essentially “bends glass”, without creating a weak area in the filter medium.  This gives the Nicktane Extreme-Duty filter a combination of robustness, and filtration efficiency unequalled in the aerospace and automotive industry.  Additionally, the filter utilizes a proprietary microglass layering technique which enables the filter to provide significantly better filtering efficiency and dirt holding capacity than any filter currently available in the market.



Thus we have a filter technology that will provide diesel fuel filtration and flow world’s better than any currently available cellulose or cellulose/blend fuel filter.

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