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Billet Aluminum Filter Adapter


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Fits 2001-2016 LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM/LML Chevy/GMC Duramax Diesel

Note- 2011+ Trucks must use the Billet Spacer Plate

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q) Does the filter adapter come with a nipple or do I need to order it?
    A) The adapter comes with a nipple.  I sell them separately on the site for people who wish to switch the current setup to a different filter (1 Micron to 2 Micron or vice-versa).
  2. Q) What Do I need to order?
    A) The filter adapter is complete and all you need to order.  It comes with a nipple of your choosing and can be ordered with or without a filter.  There are 2 options at the bottom of the page.  The first is called “Choose the Filter It Will Fit”.  This is where you specify which nipple you want included in your kit. You should order the nipple that goes with the filter you want to run.  The second option is “Do You Want A Filter?”.  This is where you specify if you want the kit to include a CAT filter, a 1 Micron filter, a Donaldson filter, or NO filter.
  3. Q) Are the “OEM Filter Head Viton Replacement O-Rings” required?
    A) The replacement o-rings are not required to install the adapter.  That being said, if your filter head’s o-rings are old or in poor condition this may be a convenient time to replace them. It is a very easy process that only takes a few minutes.
  4. Q) How long does the installation take?
    A) The whole process takes about 10 minutes and is very simple.  We offer complete and thorough instructions with pictures so the professional mechanic down to the weakest of shade tree mechanics can easily perform this installation in a reasonable amount of time. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint the instructions are located HERE.
  5. Q) Are there installation instructions?
    A) YES.  They are HERE.
  6. Q) Why do I need to remove the spring and the check ball?
    A) The check ball impedes fuel flow in the stock filter.  Some have been removing it from their filter heads for many years to eliminate a point of restriction.  The check ball’s only function is to prevent fuel from dripping when replacing the factory fuel filter.  Since you will be installing an adapter there is no point in keeping the check ball and spring as it will only reduce fuel flow.  The next time you look at your stock filter pay attention to the center section and how much flow is blocked by the big “X” in the center.
  7. Q) What do I do with the water separator?
    A) You simply unplug it and tie it out the way.  Unplugging the sensor will not cause a check engine light to illuminate or set a DTC (diagnostic trouble code).  The stock water separator is ineffective.  If you want a better water separator you can purchase our Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit and run a water separator on it.
  8. Q) Is the Billet Aluminum 3/8″ Spacer Plate required?
    A) No it is not required.  It merely provides a little more clearance to get your hand behind the filter for removal/installation.   If you purchase the adapter with a 1 Micron filter you get a free spacer plate as the 1 Micron filter is slightly larger in diameter than the CAT.Q) What is the difference between the 1R-0750 and the 1R-0749 fuel filters?
    A) Length is the only difference.  The 1R-0750 is about 5.5″ long and the 1R-0749 is about 11.25″ long. They are both rated at 2 microns and filter fuel equally well.  In our professional opinion the 1R-0749 is too long for use on the adapter.  It does fit but gets somewhat close to the exhaust manifold.  This is why we recommend running the 1R-0750.
  9. Q) What is the difference between the Tall and Short 1 Micron filters?
    A) The short filter is about 4.5″ long and the tall filter is about 8″ long.  They are both rated at 1 micron and filter fuel equally well.  Either one will fit on the adapter.  It is just a matter of personal preference.
  10. Q) What are the recommended service intervals for the available filters?
    A) When an adapter is used by itself (No Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit present on vehicle):
    CAT 1R-0750 = 10,000 miles
    Donaldson P532053 = 10,000 miles
    Short 1 Micron = 10,000 miles
    Tall 1 Micron = 20,000 miles
    When an adapter is used with an Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit:
    CAT 1R-0750 = 50,000 miles
    Donaldson P532053 = 50,000 miles
    Short 1 Micron = 50,000 miles
    Tall 1 Micron = 90,000 miles
  11. Q) What makes the Nicktane adapter superior to the competition?
    The Nicktane adapter was originally designed and tested in 2008. It took us several months to test and perfect the product that has been the number 1 selling adapter of its kind since 2009.  Since going into production we have NEVER had one defective unit. That is a 100% success rate. Compare that to the failures and apparent lack of preproduction testing that has plagued our competitors that have tried to knock off the original.Q) What sets the Nicktane Adaptor apart from the knockoffs?
    A) While we are the innovators and not the imitators, we are flattered that others have tried to reproduce our design- albeit with rocky results. Our filter adapter comes anodized for corrosion protection and longevity versus less expensive bare aluminum which can stick and corrode with expensive consequences. Our filter nipples are chemical plated against rusting versus less expensive bare steel nipples which can rust and contaminate your fuel system.  Additonally our filter adapter has a higher flow rate and does not require the purchase of an additional wrench to tighten/install the unit.   We also maintain the highest machining tolerances in the industry evidenced by the precision fit on every part that leaves our facility.


Product Information:

This is a High-Flow, Billet Aluminum, Black-Anodized CNC machined adapter designed to allow you to replace the poor-quality OEM filter with a superior quality spin-on filter element.  The adapter is threaded onto your OEM filter head in place of the OEM filter.  It uses 2 Viton O-Rings and is 100% Biodiesel (All Grades) compatible. This provides an easy method of installing either a 1-micron 100% microglass filter element or a CAT 2-micron filter element.  Your existing priming pump and heater are maintained and functional.  Spare filters (CAT Part # 1R-0750) are reasonably priced and can be found here or at any CAT dealer.  Replacement Nicktane 100% Microglass filters (Nicktane Part #Filter-1m-S) can also be found here.  Please be sure to specify the filter type you will be using (1 or 2 micron) when ordering.

You may also want to consider replacing the O-rings in your OEM filter head with Viton seals since you will be working in that area.  Please see here for more info.

Kodiak trucks should run the 1-micron short filter as it is a bit shorter and requires less massaging of the trans dipstick tube.

The Duramax Diesel Engine uses a high-pressure Bosch common-rail fuel injection system. This injection system is very sensitive to contaminants, which is why fuel filtration is so important in promoting long, healthy injector and fuel system life. The current US Spec. diesel fuel is not clean enough for these high-pressure (up to 28,000 PSI) injection systems.  We also highly recommend the use of a high-quality diesel fuel additive, such as Primrose 405 (or Primrose 409 in the winter).  Primrose is highly concentrated and priced very conservatively.

According to a research study conducted by CAT, the 7 micron particle has been shown to be the cause of accelerated fuel pump and injector wear.  CAT filters are manufactured to the highest level of quality in a plant specifically designed to produce ‘zero tolerance’ filters. CAT has built a factory that builds the filter from beginning to end without a human being touching the filter. Filter manufacture can be a tedious, boring process, resulting in human error.

CAT filter medium is a combined synthetic cellulose element which results in excellent filter dirt capacity yet with excellent cold weather flow characteristics. A 100% cellulose filter has a high amount of inherent water in its construction. As a cellulose filter approaches freezing, the water in the filter begins to expand, restricting flow on what is already thickened fuel. In the CAT synthetic blend medium, the medium is much less affected by cold temperatures, providing excellent cold flow characteristics.  That said, when one is purchasing fuel from a fuel source that may or may not be winter blended, the use of an additive such as Primrose 409 will never hurt. Primrose 409 will reduce pour point 20 to 30 degrees (depending on fuel) to provide more than enough protection for just about any environment.  Primrose 409 is essentially 405 with pour point depressant, so we also tie up free water. Free water can/will freeze anywhere it exists in the system further exacerbating winter running conditions/startup problems. By tying up the free water, no freezing can occur, further assisting.. Also, no free water to absorb into the cellulose medium, reducing filter swell, allowing the medium to flow better in cold weather.

The OEM filter has been shown to be something over 50% efficient filtering the 7 micron particle size. Given the amount of contaminants in diesel fuel, fuel system life is going to be greatly compromised without the use of a supplemental fuel filter such as the CAT/Nicktane fuel filter assembly.

The use of the CAT/Nicktane fuel filter assembly is a very inexpensive fuel insurance policy that will pay for itself in greatly increased system life and significant fuel efficiency/power gain.

The use of the CAT/Nicktane fuel filter assembly will allow the OEM fuel filter to work more efficiently resulting in a synergistic relationship with the two filters.  Clearly the key to extended fuel system life is the combination of both clean and water/bacteria free fuel.

Here is an Excellent Article From Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (Part 1) and The Conclusion (Part 2) detailing the importance of high-quality fuel filtration in diesel engines.  It is worth reading!


Please examine the Fuel Test Data (PDF Format) to prove how poorly the GM System filters fuel, and how much secondary filtration tests can help. The pump and CAT fuel samples shown below were taken from my 2002 Duramax and analyzed by a third party lab.  Click on the image for a larger version.


Key Benefits

  • The CAT Filter is Over 99% Efficient At Removing Particles from the 2-15 Micron Range (OEM Filter is only about 60% Efficient!)
  • The 1-Micron Filter Element is MUCH less Susceptible to Freezing Temperatures than the OEM Filter
  • Helps Prolong Injector Pump, Injector, and Fuel System Life
  • Bio-Diesel B100 Compatible
  • High-Flow Design for Performance Enthusiasts
  • Eliminates Leaky WIF Sensor
  • Easy to Revert Back to Stock (no cutting of OEM parts required)
  • Complete Directions
  • Proven Track Record of Success – Air Leaks/No Starts are not a problem!
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Additional Info


New – One-Micron 100% Synthetic Microglass Filter Element Now Available



All fuel filters currently available are cellulose medium.  Even the highest quality cellulose filters provide only marginal filtration when compared with a full microglass element.  Additionally, cellulose filter elements are adversely affected by sub-freezing ambient temperatures.  This is not the case with a full microglass element.  It is not affected in any way by cold temperatures.  Couple that with the fact that the best cellulose-blend filters are 2-micron and this 1-micron filter is a huge step in the evolution of filtering diesel fuel.

Enter the 1 Micron Nicktane Extreme-Duty 100% microglass element!

The filter element was developed using technology developed for the aerospace industry.  One of the problems associated with a pure microglass element is that the glass medium can be delicate.  When microglass is exposed to varying flow rates, the microglass can rupture at the points where the microglass is required to make sharp bends within the stainless steel support structure. When you have flown on an airliner and heard the landing gear “clunk up” in place, the hydraulic system was just exposed to a tremendous stress.  This sort of stress would destroy the normal microglass filter element. Not the Nicktane Extreme-Duty.  It can take this sort of stress in stride, again and again.

The Nicktane Extreme-Duty filter is manufactured using a proprietary technique which essentially “bends glass”, without creating a weak area in the filter medium.  This gives the Nicktane Extreme-Duty filter a combination of robustness, and filtration efficiency unequalled in the aerospace and automotive industry.  Additionally, the filter utilizes a proprietary microglass layering technique which enables the filter to provide significantly better filtering efficiency and dirt holding capacity than any filter currently available in the market.

Thus we have a filter technology that will provide diesel fuel filtration and flow world’s better than any currently available cellulose or cellulose/blend fuel filter.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
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