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Auxiliary Fuel Filter Kit

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Fits 2001-2016 LB7/LLY/LBZ/LMM/LML Chevy/GMC Duramax Diesel

Fits 2011-16 Model Year Using one of Your Original Fittings (Contact us for details)

Available with either the CAT 1R-0749 or Donaldson P553207 Water Separator (Clear Drain Bowl Sold Separately)

This is a complete kit consisting of the filter head, mounting bracket, tall filter, lines, fittings, clamps, and full-color directions. The installation is straight-forward and will work with either the stock (OEM) or TransferFlow replacement fuel tanks. The bracket is CNC cut from one piece of 3/16″ steel and features an integrated deflector plate to guard against road debris. It comes in a black, powder-coated finish.  Spare filters (CAT Part # 1R-0749) are reasonably priced and can be found here or at any CAT dealer.  Replacement Nicktane 100% Microglass filters (Nicktane Part #Filter-1m-L) can also be found here.  For those customers needing a water drain we recommend the Donaldson P553203 and P553207

The Duramax Diesel Engine uses a high-pressure Bosch common-rail fuel injection system. This injection system is very sensitive to contaminants, which is why fuel filtration is so important in promoting long, healthy injector and fuel system life. The current US Spec. diesel fuel is not clean enough for these high-pressure (up to 28,000 PSI) injection systems.  We also highly recommend the use of a high-quality diesel fuel additive, such as Primrose 405 (or Primrose 409 in the winter) which is available at www.avlube.com.  Primrose is highly concentrated and priced very conservatively.

According to a research study conducted by CAT, the 7 micron particle has been shown to be the cause of accelerated fuel pump and injector wear.  CAT filters are manufactured to the highest level of quality in a plant specifically designed to produce ‘zero tolerance’ filters. CAT has built a factory that builds the filter from beginning to end without a human being touching the filter. Filter manufacture can be a tedious, boring process, resulting in human error.

CAT filter medium is a combined synthetic cellulose element which results in excellent filter dirt capacity yet with excellent cold weather flow characteristics. A 100% cellulose filter has a high amount of inherent water in its construction. As a cellulose filter approaches freezing, the water in the filter begins to expand, restricting flow on what is already thickened fuel. In the CAT synthetic blend medium, the medium is much less affected by cold temperatures, providing excellent cold flow characteristics.  That said, when one is purchasing fuel from a fuel source that may or may not be winter blended, the use of an additive such as Primrose 409 will never hurt. Primrose 409 will reduce pour point 20 to 30 degrees (depending on fuel) to provide more than enough protection for just about any environment.  Primrose 409 is essentially 405 with pour point depressant, so we also tie up free water. Free water can/will freeze anywhere it exists in the system further exacerbating winter running conditions/startup problems. By tying up the free water, no freezing can occur, further assisting.. Also, no free water to absorb into the cellulose medium, reducing filter swell, allowing the medium to flow better in cold weather.

The OEM filter has been shown to be something over 50% efficient filtering the 7 micron particle size. Given the amount of contaminants in diesel fuel, fuel system life is going to be greatly compromised without the use of a supplemental fuel filter such as the CAT/Nicktane fuel filter assembly.

The use of the CAT/Nicktane fuel filter assembly is a very inexpensive fuel insurance policy that will pay for itself in greatly increased system life and significant fuel efficiency/power gain.

The use of the CAT/Nicktane fuel filter assembly will allow the OEM fuel filter to work more efficiently resulting in a synergistic relationship with the two filters.  Clearly the key to extended fuel system life is the combination of both clean and water/bacteria free fuel.

Here is an Excellent Article From Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (Part 1) and The Conclusion (Part 2) detailing the importance of high-quality fuel filtration in diesel engines.  It is worth reading!


Please examine the Fuel Test Data (PDF Format) to prove how poorly the GM System filters fuel, and how much secondary filtration tests can help. The pump and CAT fuel samples shown below were taken from my 2002 Duramax and analyzed by a third party lab.  Click on the image for a larger version.


Key Benefits

  • Over 99% Efficient At Removing Particles from the 2-15 Micron Range (OEM Filter is only about 60% Efficient!)
  • Cleans Fuel Better than any Secondary Fuel Filter Kit on the Market (proven by independent test results shown above)
  • Ease of Changing Filter (no panels to remove)
  • Inexpensive Filter (the larger element costs about $17 at a CAT dealer, and there are CAT dealers all over the US and Canada)
  • One-Piece Filter Bracket CNC Cut from 3/16″ Steel, Powder-Coated Black Allows Filter to be Mounted 2″ Higher than Previous Version
  • Filter Protected by Longer, Integrated Steel Side Deflector Plate than Previous Version
  • More Direct Line Routing than Previous Version means Easier Install and Less Fittings to Leak
  • Includes Fittings to Snap Directly to OEM for Hassle-Free Installation
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (smooth inside so they won’t tear up the lines like inexpensive clamps)
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts & Hardware
  • High-Flow Filter Head with 1/2″ Inlet & Outlet Ports
  • Helps Prolong Injector Pump, Injector, and Fuel System Life
  • Bio-Diesel B100 Compatible Fuel Line
  • Extra Large Capacity 2-Micron Filter Good for 15,000+ Miles
  • Easy to Revert Back to Stock (no cutting of OEM parts required)
  • Complete Color Directions
  • Proven Track Record of Success – Air Leaks/No Starts are not a problem!
  • 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 7 in

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